18 December 2010

Lot's of News!

Hi everyone,

Sorry it took me so long to update this news-section!

Here's what I have been doing lately:

I mixed some livetracks for former Krezip singer Jacqueline Govaert. The songs were recorded live at Paradiso, Amsterdam and prove that Jacqueline is still going strong.

Recorded, mixed & produced a cool single for Latvian superstar Linda Leen.
It's sort of a duet with one of our biggest artists: Alain Clark. The song is called "Wild & Free" and will be released in a couple of countries.
It's a very catchy track written by the both of them together.
I first recorded the instruments with some great dutch musicians, after that Linda flew over to record her vocals together with Alain at GieSound.
And I mixed it the day after. So everything went down in just a couple of days; very cool experience!
(more on this later?)

Recorded & mixed the second album of blues(rock) band The Veldman Brothers. This time the recordings took place at Legacy Studio in a live setting. So without any overdubs! (we only re-did some vocals at my studio).
The album will show the true quality of these sublime blues guys. They know how to deliver excellent blues with an electrifying and dynamic performance.
Here's a 'making of video' I shot with my iPhone to give you an idea of the studio setting @ Legacy:

Releasedate: january 15th. Check your recordstore, or iTunes. The album will also be released in the USA!

I am producing 2 songs for the (Eurovision) Songfestival for the 3J's. We did the major part of recordings at the famous ICP studio's in Brussels (I just love that place!).
After Brussels we did some additional recordings at the Votown studio and at GieSound.
I will be mixing these powerfull songs pretty soon. You will be surprised!

Just finished a single-mix for Ilanois. It was produced by Simon Gogerly (U2, No Doubt) so I was honored that they asked me to do the single-version. "Starin' into Mine" is a stunning song that starts real quiet, and has a dramatic buildup wich leads to a big wall of sound.
Very challenging track to mix :)
It will be released by record label PIAS. Ilanois has been selected by radiostation 3FM as "Serious Talent".

Also did an ass kickin' single-mix for brand new recording artist (&producer) Bryan Bourne. Bryan is a very cool singer! I would describe his music as a nice blend of N*E*R*D, Michael Jackson, Timbaland and a snif of Techno ;)
We are going to find him a record company now (or maybe that's oldfashioned?)

Will keep you posted!

30 November 2010

Recording @ ICP

Hi there,
I am recording at the famous ICP studio's in Brussels at the moment. Here's a little clip:

I will try to get you updated on all the things I am doing real soon.

16 October 2010

Have been doing cool stuff!

Finished the Colossa production. We recorded the last vocals and percussion and after that I went straight into the mixing. Remco did some awesome vocal performances; sometimes reminding me of Chris Cornell back in his powerfull days.
It's a great rock album that touches different flavours. If you enjoy music from bands like Triggerfinger, Dead Weather, Soundgarden, QOTSA, Raconteurs, Brant Bjork and the Bros, etc etc,  you will for sure appreciate Colossa. It's an awesome record containing a variety of phat energy bursts but also an coustic song featuring a string quartet! We taped some great and interesting guitartones, fat basses and big roomy drums. Singer/guitarist Remco Eijssen knows how to write catchy rockin' songs, and the boys know how to make em rock.
The album is scheduled to be released in january by Goomah/Excelsior/V2.

Teamed up with Bertolf for the TV-sound when he was performing the stunnin' song "Patty Lane" live on the "MaDiWoDoVrijdagshow" hosted by the famous Paul de Leeuw.

Right now Bertolf and band are on tour, so check em out in a venue near you since they are an awesome live band.

I had some interesting meetings with a couple of recordlabels; resulting in some cool new projects comming up ;)
Will keep you posted.

Patrick le Duc's debut album is finally released op PIAS records! I mixed it before the summer, and now it's out there. Hopefull it will end up in a lot of homes all across the country. Right now Patrick and band are touring as support act for famous Dutch act Bløf.
Patrick is a Dutch singer-songwriter with roots in Counting Crows, Tim Christensen, Gemma Hayes and a touch of Soundgarden. The album has been recorded with Paskal Jakobsen and Peter Slager of Bløf & drummer Martijn Bosman (probably the best drummer in this country!).
Some of the songs on the album "Square Moods" remind me of the energy & passion of the Tragically Hip. I should also mention that Patrick is a gifted singer with a beautifull voice!
You can order the album or buy it at your favorite record store.

I mixed two songs for a brand new upcomming star; Stefany June. She is a young German singer-songwriter with a fresh electro pop. Her characteristic voice, self-penned songs and the eclectic sound choices give it a very own & original sound!

Not famous yet, but I see a nice future ahead!

24 September 2010


Got up early today (actually it was 4:10 at night!), because I had to do a radiomix for Patrick Le Duc performing live at Giel Beelen's populair morning show @ Radio 3FM.
I mixed Patrick's album, wich will hopefully be released pretty soon.

You can enjoy the live-performance of his first single "Bright Lights on the Radio" here;

Singer/guitarist Remco from the band Colossa returned from his trip in the US. On his first day back he and the boys had to support Band of Skulls at an Amsterdam gig. NICE!
Tomorrow we will continue the recording for their stunnin' debut album!
[will keep you posted]

17 September 2010


BulletRay's new band finally has a bandname; FIRETRIP.

Also check ou this videoimpression of the recordings;

And also check out the brilliant video that was made for the Kinkobra single I recorded, mixed & produced;

10 September 2010


I have been involved in a couple of nice projects recently!
(some of them have to remain secret for now...)

Finished working on the demo-cd for photographer Bullet-Ray his new band. Mixes turned out very nice!
They are still not sure what the new bandname will be, so I will call them BZN untill they come up with something better ;-)

Here's a video of Ray recording a guitarsolo:

Kinkobra's single has been released (finally), and was picked up instantly by radiostation 538; daily airplay!

This rockin' single is called "I'll die 4 thin"
I hope we can start recording their debut album this fall.

While in the middle of the cd-production of Colossa, we had to take a vacation-break. But as soon as all members return to earth we will continue recording vocals for their debut album.
Mixing is scheduled for early october. In the meantime you can you can visit one of their impressive livegigs and have a look at a video impression of the recordings so far:

Hopefully Patrick Le Duc's great debut album will be released soon. In the meantime Patrick came up with the idea to record a special live-session later this month. I look foreward to recording & mixing it.

01 September 2010

Edison nominations

I am still on holiday, but received some news that I like to share with you all;
Bertolf is nominated for 3 Edison awards!!
-Best Male Artist
-Best Album (Snakes & Ladders)
-Best Song (Another Day)

How cool is that?

You can vote for Best Album & Best Song over here

16 August 2010

phat energy bursts

Just got back from the first recording session with Colossa. We made some long days recording drums, bass and guitars. Will start recording the first vocals on wednesday.
It's going to be an awesome record containing a variety of phat energy bursts. If you enjoy music from acts like Triggerfinger, Dead Weather, Soundgarden, QOTSA, Raconteurs, Brant Bjork & the bros, etc etc,  you will appreciate Colossa.
We cut some great and interesting guitartones, fat basses and big roomy drums. Singer/guitarist Remco Eijssen knows how to write catchy rockin' songs, and the boys know how to make em rock.

10 August 2010

Short update

Worked hard on the demo recordings for Bullet-Ray's new band. (Bandname might be "Honeyburst"?).
All drums, bass and leadvocals are done. 95% of the guitars is also done. Still to do; backing vocals, precussion and the last few guitarlicks ;-)
Mixing is scheduled for september.

Tomorrow I will start with the album production for Colossa. Will be an a$$-kickin album I can assure you!
Will keep you posted!

02 August 2010


Last couple of weeks have been very hectic because of some unfortunate events in the family.
But I am back in bizz again!
Did some mixes, and I have to say that I am still very happy with my mixing desk. It's sooooo nice to mix on!
Right now I am organizing/preparing for a couple of projects. Including a demo-recording with BulletRay his new band, and also a full-blast album-production for Colossa.

13 July 2010

02 July 2010


3FM just annouced that Bertolf's new single "Cut me Loose" is the new MEGAHIT!!

01 July 2010

Great Polarskin review!!

Without the album being released (not yet that is), we received a very good review on the Polarskin album.
Here's a copy of the review that is in the August issue of Maverick:

Polarskin BLACK SWAN THEORY Self-released 
With no information on their myspace, or a handy booklet providing band member names, Polarskin remain an exciting mystery from the Netherlands. What If I is the opening track, full of an energetic performance, with the band playing tightly together. The lead singer holds a well controlled voice, without overpowering the music, or letting the music shadow his vocal. Hope is reminiscent of the band Keane, with the guitars strumming out mellow melodies, with the drums providing a steady beat. With all fifteen songs written by Polarskin, each one demonstrates how this group have found the right balance in making a great record. Stranger is not too far from the likes of Muse, sounding similar to the rock trio’s songs heard on mainstream radio. With the right promotion, there is no excuse as to why BLACK SWAN THEORY should not be on the shelves in music stores across Europe. Fear is a guitar anthem, sounding spotless. Stumble is a must hear with strong flavours from Muse really coming through. Even vocally, the lead vocalist shares similar attributes to Matt Bellamy. From track one through to track fifteen, the sound produced by this group is flawless, never straying from the mighty rock sound that they bring to the record. Well worth seeking out. CB

30 June 2010

a$$ kickin' live performance

This morning I had to get up very early (4:20) because Bertolf had to perform at Giel Beelen's very populair morning show @3FM. I joined Bertolf & band to do the radiomix.
And the guys pulled out an electrifying performance of their latest single "Cut me Loose".
This is how it went down;

29 June 2010

"Open Day"

Last friday we had an "open day" at Studio 41. Studio 41?? Yes; that's the name on the building ;-)
Inside you can find 2 mastering rooms from Saind of Sound, a postproduction studio (SoundFocus), and of course my own mix-&overdubstudio (aka GieSound).
I want to thank all the people who came by; it was a busy day that I really enjoyed!
Today I will be taking some nice pictures of my studio so all of you can see what it looks like.

24 May 2010

I Kissed Charles live @ 3FM

On sunday I had to do a live-mix @ 3FM in the show of Sander Guis: for IKissed Charles their new single.

21 May 2010

Bertolf - LIVE @ Evers Staat Op

Yeah.... early in the morning. But worth it!!
Alarm went off at 4 in the morning. I picked up Bertolf @5.. at least I tried to; but he was still sleeping; had to wake him up by knocking real loud on his window ;-)
And then off to Radio538 for Edwin Evers his populair morning show. Bertolf & band had to perform 3 songs; I had to do the live-mixes.


The HIT;

Tomorrow Tros Muziekcafe; always a pleassure

18 May 2010

Patrick LeDuc / KinKobra / Barbarella / Bertolf / Arthur Adam

I was involved in a lot of great projects lately!

First of all I want to tell you about this great new talent; Patrick LeDuc. Patrick is a Dutch singer-songwriter with roots in Counting Crows, Tim Christensen, Gemma Hayes and a bit of Soundgarden. 
A stunning debut has been recorded with Paskal Jakobsen and Peter Slager of the famous Dutch band BLØF & drummer Martijn Bosman (probably the best drummer in this country!).
The album "Square Moods" will be released in Fall 2010 & it contains great songs. Some of the songs remind me of the energy & passion featured on "Selling The Drama" by Live. Besides that I also should mention that Patrick is a gifted singer with a beautifull voice!

Recorded, produced & mixed a single called "I'll die 4 thin" for the band KinKobra
It's an a$$-kickin' rock track! The band won a band-competition on radio 538, and this will certainly result in airplay.

This trio is really rockin' and I hope we will be able to make an album in the future.

Another a$$-kickin' band I worked with is Barbarella.
They are recording an album right now, and asked me to mix a song that was already finished. The song is called "I am the Wolf" and will be used for promotional purposes.
If I had to describe their music I would say Stoner rock combined with Placebo & a touch of Soulwax.
The rest of the albumtracks will be recorded during the next months and they expect to be ready with the album at the end of the summer. A release date is not scheduled yet. We'll keep you posted.

I also teamed up with Bertolf fot some radio & TV promo gigs. I did th livemixes in shows like; Pauw & Witteman, De Wereld Draait Door, Giel, Tros Muziekcafe, Q-music, Evers Staat Op, BNN That's Live, Bring it On etc etc.

Besides all that I am also still enhancing my new mix&overdub studio in Soest (((GieSound)))
all... and for all you suckers that did not listen Arthur Adam's album "Awake" yet... YOU SHOULD!! Everyone who loves music by artists like Damien Rice, Jeff Buckley, Sufjan Stevens, Sebadoh, The Police and Motorpsycho should really check it out since I am pretty damn sure you will love it!!

17 May 2010

Livemix: Bertolf - Two in a Million

Livemix; yesterday on radio 3FM.
Again; Bertolf & band playing their new single ;-)

23 April 2010

Bertolf zingt '2 in a million'

The new Bertolf single for the first time live on TV. I did the livemix. Enjoy this great band!

09 April 2010

NEW SINGLE: I Kissed Charles- My Heart Goes Boom! (Pre Tour Peptalk)

Nice job: the band I Kissed Charles & Goomah Music asked me to do a special radio-version of their new single.
So first I did a couple of small edits, then a ass kickin' mix ;-)

Nice mastering (as always by Darius van Helfteren).
The song will be released by the end of may.

02 April 2010

Studio / Arthur Adam /Rosemary's Sons / Bertolf

It seems that everytime I add an entry to the news-section of my webpage, I have to apologize because it has been way to long since my last update.
Anyhow; this time (as always) I think I have a good reason ;)
Not only have I been working my a$$ of lately recording, producing and mixing lot's of wonderful artists, but I have also been very busy setting up my own mix&overdub studio. I am joining well-known mastering engineer Sander vd Heide at his facility in Soest. So right now I can perform all my mixing duties right in a central part of the country, nearby most (big) recordlabels.
I've been working really hard to get my controlroom up and running since the end of 2009. On my Hyves you can find some pics of construction etc.
It's a big analogue setup, build around a powerfull Pro Tools HD rig. The mixing desk is a custom build design, up to my specs. Here's a pic to give you some idea;

Enough on this subject (more on this later?) ;)

Allright, let's talk music! NICE MUSIC!!!!
I recorded, mixed & produced a very very nice & original album by Arthur Adam. This Amsterdam based singer-songwriter has been a "well-know secret" for years, and recently we teamed up to make this fantastic album together with his band.
Everyone who loves music by artists like Damien Rice, Jeff Buckley, Sufjan Stevens, Sebadoh, The Police and Motorpsycho should really check it out when it hits stores.
Right now you can already download the first single, and one of my personal favorite songs ("Dividing a Spider") at iTunes.

Besides that I also have been doing some small projects, including a single with Rosemary's Sons (featuring Stevie Ann) called "Perfect". This is a very nice & warm song that has a great nostalgic feeling.

The biggest and most time-consuming project I have done lately was the album-production of the second Bertolf album. We started recording drums in the north of the country, and then moved over to the world-famous and world-class ICP studio's in Brussels for the main recording sessions.
We tracked at studio C (on a wonderful vintage Neve desk), and in studio D (wich is sort of a very big living room based around a 1940's tube Telefunken desk. Talkin' about vintage!)
On my HyvesMySpace you can find some pics of those sessions.
After that we moved to my new studio to record all vocals and some percussion stuff and additional instruments.
In between all that Bertolf received the prestigious "Zilveren Harp" award, and we had to finish the fist single "Two in a Million" wich was instantly added to the playlist of big radiostations like 3FM & Q-music. Besides that, I also joined B & his band for some radio & TV promo-gigs, doing the broadcast mix of their live-performances.
Oh yeah... and then I mixed the complete album all on my brand new, custom build, mixing console! Kick ass!!!
Right now I am listening to the cd (that is just being mastered by Darius van Helfteren), and I have to say that Bertolf really made a big step. The album is so amazing and has a nice depth. You really should go out and check it once it is released in the second half of April.

all for now... more to come!!