04 April 2007

V8 recordings, and more

Let me start off by giving you an update on Jeremy's; a very talented punkrock band with a pop-flavour. As you might know I did most of the recordings and mixed all songs for their debut-cd. They are still talking to severel labels as we speak, but there has been a lot of development. First of all: trendsetting 3FM DJ Giel Beelen is very enthousiastic about the band. He not only ranked them as "Most Promissing act" in Hitkrant magazine, but also invited the band to come play live at his populair morning-show.
Second: Other 3FM DJ's are also playing "Saturday" and they also performed that song live in the show that's hosted by Barbara (forgot the name). 3FM added Jeremy's to their "Serious Talent project".
Third: MTV invited the band to come over and have a chat. They want Jeremy's in their "Kweekvijver" ;-)
Fourth: there are already plans for the first video.
Fifth: there is also interest to release the album overseas.
So that's what I call a lot of good news! Check out their MySpace-page to preview 2 songs.

Other bands I mixed at the end of 2006 are also going strong. Both Heavens Devils and Dolorous Daze are talking with labels after A&R's responded positively to their music. Check out their MySpace-pages (by clicking on their names) to listen to their music.

Together with engineer Frank Mathijssen and assisting engineer Frank van Kleef I recorded a Fratellis live show. Brit-award-winning band The Fratellis is from Glasgow and scored a big hit with "Chelsea Dagger". We recorded the concert they gave in Haarlem and they showed that they are a promising act. Let's see if they can forfill that promise this summer playing the Pinkpop festival.

Almost forgot to mention one of the biggest highlights of the last few weeks: recording a live show from The Decemberists. They are a five-piece indie pop band from Portland, Oregon, fronted by singer/songwriter Colin Meloy. Their fourth full-length album "The Crane Wife" is their first appearance on a major label and also their first official European release. The band gave a tremendous concert at the Paradiso in Amsterdam at wich they showed, that not only they have got some excellent songs, but they also know how to perform them live and create their own unique atmosphere. At times: breathtaking.

I also finished recording The Veldman Brothers. This bluesband features the two brothers Bennie (on Hammond and Mouthharp) and Gerrit (on guitar). Most songs are sung by Gerrit, but Bennie is also featured on leadvocals for two songs. Inspired by the Blues and Rhythm & Blues they play their own material and an occasional cover. All in wich the Hammond, guitar and blues harp play important roles.
Some of you might know Gerrit because he used to play in The Prodigal Sons. Or you saw him on the successful tour with a band called Nexperienced for a Jimi Hendrix Tribute. Thts band even played in the Heineken Music Hall during 'the Night of the Guitar', where Gerrit shared the stage with names like Steve Vai, Steve Lukather and Eric Sardinas.
I just finished mixing the album and the band will try to find a label that will release their debut-cd. BTW: all songs are recorded live in the studio, so you might hear an occasional mistake, but you will also get a lot of pure energy and atmosphere! We all thought the 'feel' of these blues-songs is the most important thing to catch on tape.
Check out their MySpace-page to preview 2 songs.
A lot of people have asked me to make some pictures in the studio while recording.
I finally did! Click here to go to my photo-section, and check out these pictures.

I also just finished the recordings and mix-sessions with retro-rockband Wilsum. A band that combines The Who / Grand Funk Railroad / Led Zeppelin / Black Sabbath (and more) into a great groovin cocktail. These guys are really into vintage equipment, that's why we also used a lot of old techniques, equipment and microphones to capture their sound. So don't expect a smashed-to-death-modern-rock-sound, because that's NOT what you are going to get. What DO you get? Groovy guitar, ramblin'bass, angular drums and screaming vocals combined for a high energy, kick a$$, dynamic, rock&roll overdrive!
All sessions were highly rock&roll, to give you an example: we had pasta that was cooked in a few liters of Bacardi! We also recorded a V8 engine blasting from 0 to 200 it a couple of seconds, wich will feature in one of the songs.

Check their MySpace page. I will keep you posted on any news regarding the release of this album. (On CD and Vinyl!) ;-)

I also made recordings on the last episode of London Calling festival in Paradiso. So maybe I will shine a light on those two days and 22 bands(!) later on...

Please keep rockin'!
Guido aka Gie aka GieSound aka MuteMaster G aka Der MuteMeister ;-)