10 October 2003

Big release

First, let me tell you about some releases I'm involved in:

1) LIVE released 3 versions of their CDsingle "Run Away", the red&blue editons both feature some songs wich Frank mathijssen and I mixed. The recordings were made in Belgium. (click here for my discography)

2) BRAINPOWER is gonna release a DVD pretty soon with the P.U.R.E. set on it. The PURE-set was recorded for The Box Music TV, but will also contain some songs wich were not broadcasted on TV. The mixing took place in DutchView Studio.

3) KREZIP also released a DVD with their P.U.R.E. set on it. And that their latest single (mine) was taken from those sessions (mixed by Hans Bunt and myself.) If you'll buy the DVD, you will also get a free audio-cd with these recordings!

4) BEEF has released a DVD with the P.U.R.E. set on it. Hans Bunt and I mixed that show originally for The Box Music TV.

5) One or two singles of Motown artist INDIA ARIE will contain a special bonus live-track wich Paul Schoenmakers & I mixed and recorded.

The last couple of weeks I've done (concert)-recordings/mixes of:

  • Blur (livemix for VPRO radio)

  • JIM (recorded & mixed for PURE @ The Box. They are considering a DVD release of these performances)

  • Spineshank (livemix for VPRO radio + multitrack recording for DVD)

  • Ill Nino (livemix for VPRO radio + multitrack recording for DVD)

  • Intwine (recorded & mixed for PURE @ The Box.)

  • Spiritualized (livemix for VPRO radio)

  • Dewi (recorded & mixed for The Box)

  • Greendive (I'm co-producing their album, and I also did some mixing)

  • Brainpower (recorded & mixed for PURE @ The Box. I also mixed some tracks wich will NOT be on TV, but will appear at the soon to be released DVD)

  • European Dance Event (we recorded quit a few dance-acts / dj's. Junkie XLwas the highlight.)

  • Raymzter (recorded & mixed for PURE @ The Box.)

  • Lowlands Festival (lots of bands... Highlight: FOO FIGHTERS!)

  • Black Rebel Motorcycle Club