23 April 2010

Bertolf zingt '2 in a million'

The new Bertolf single for the first time live on TV. I did the livemix. Enjoy this great band!

09 April 2010

NEW SINGLE: I Kissed Charles- My Heart Goes Boom! (Pre Tour Peptalk)

Nice job: the band I Kissed Charles & Goomah Music asked me to do a special radio-version of their new single.
So first I did a couple of small edits, then a ass kickin' mix ;-)

Nice mastering (as always by Darius van Helfteren).
The song will be released by the end of may.

02 April 2010

Studio / Arthur Adam /Rosemary's Sons / Bertolf

It seems that everytime I add an entry to the news-section of my webpage, I have to apologize because it has been way to long since my last update.
Anyhow; this time (as always) I think I have a good reason ;)
Not only have I been working my a$$ of lately recording, producing and mixing lot's of wonderful artists, but I have also been very busy setting up my own mix&overdub studio. I am joining well-known mastering engineer Sander vd Heide at his facility in Soest. So right now I can perform all my mixing duties right in a central part of the country, nearby most (big) recordlabels.
I've been working really hard to get my controlroom up and running since the end of 2009. On my Hyves you can find some pics of construction etc.
It's a big analogue setup, build around a powerfull Pro Tools HD rig. The mixing desk is a custom build design, up to my specs. Here's a pic to give you some idea;

Enough on this subject (more on this later?) ;)

Allright, let's talk music! NICE MUSIC!!!!
I recorded, mixed & produced a very very nice & original album by Arthur Adam. This Amsterdam based singer-songwriter has been a "well-know secret" for years, and recently we teamed up to make this fantastic album together with his band.
Everyone who loves music by artists like Damien Rice, Jeff Buckley, Sufjan Stevens, Sebadoh, The Police and Motorpsycho should really check it out when it hits stores.
Right now you can already download the first single, and one of my personal favorite songs ("Dividing a Spider") at iTunes.

Besides that I also have been doing some small projects, including a single with Rosemary's Sons (featuring Stevie Ann) called "Perfect". This is a very nice & warm song that has a great nostalgic feeling.

The biggest and most time-consuming project I have done lately was the album-production of the second Bertolf album. We started recording drums in the north of the country, and then moved over to the world-famous and world-class ICP studio's in Brussels for the main recording sessions.
We tracked at studio C (on a wonderful vintage Neve desk), and in studio D (wich is sort of a very big living room based around a 1940's tube Telefunken desk. Talkin' about vintage!)
On my HyvesMySpace you can find some pics of those sessions.
After that we moved to my new studio to record all vocals and some percussion stuff and additional instruments.
In between all that Bertolf received the prestigious "Zilveren Harp" award, and we had to finish the fist single "Two in a Million" wich was instantly added to the playlist of big radiostations like 3FM & Q-music. Besides that, I also joined B & his band for some radio & TV promo-gigs, doing the broadcast mix of their live-performances.
Oh yeah... and then I mixed the complete album all on my brand new, custom build, mixing console! Kick ass!!!
Right now I am listening to the cd (that is just being mastered by Darius van Helfteren), and I have to say that Bertolf really made a big step. The album is so amazing and has a nice depth. You really should go out and check it once it is released in the second half of April.

all for now... more to come!!