16 October 2010

Have been doing cool stuff!

Finished the Colossa production. We recorded the last vocals and percussion and after that I went straight into the mixing. Remco did some awesome vocal performances; sometimes reminding me of Chris Cornell back in his powerfull days.
It's a great rock album that touches different flavours. If you enjoy music from bands like Triggerfinger, Dead Weather, Soundgarden, QOTSA, Raconteurs, Brant Bjork and the Bros, etc etc,  you will for sure appreciate Colossa. It's an awesome record containing a variety of phat energy bursts but also an coustic song featuring a string quartet! We taped some great and interesting guitartones, fat basses and big roomy drums. Singer/guitarist Remco Eijssen knows how to write catchy rockin' songs, and the boys know how to make em rock.
The album is scheduled to be released in january by Goomah/Excelsior/V2.

Teamed up with Bertolf for the TV-sound when he was performing the stunnin' song "Patty Lane" live on the "MaDiWoDoVrijdagshow" hosted by the famous Paul de Leeuw.

Right now Bertolf and band are on tour, so check em out in a venue near you since they are an awesome live band.

I had some interesting meetings with a couple of recordlabels; resulting in some cool new projects comming up ;)
Will keep you posted.

Patrick le Duc's debut album is finally released op PIAS records! I mixed it before the summer, and now it's out there. Hopefull it will end up in a lot of homes all across the country. Right now Patrick and band are touring as support act for famous Dutch act Bløf.
Patrick is a Dutch singer-songwriter with roots in Counting Crows, Tim Christensen, Gemma Hayes and a touch of Soundgarden. The album has been recorded with Paskal Jakobsen and Peter Slager of Bløf & drummer Martijn Bosman (probably the best drummer in this country!).
Some of the songs on the album "Square Moods" remind me of the energy & passion of the Tragically Hip. I should also mention that Patrick is a gifted singer with a beautifull voice!
You can order the album or buy it at your favorite record store.

I mixed two songs for a brand new upcomming star; Stefany June. She is a young German singer-songwriter with a fresh electro pop. Her characteristic voice, self-penned songs and the eclectic sound choices give it a very own & original sound!

Not famous yet, but I see a nice future ahead!