24 May 2010

I Kissed Charles live @ 3FM

On sunday I had to do a live-mix @ 3FM in the show of Sander Guis: for IKissed Charles their new single.

21 May 2010

Bertolf - LIVE @ Evers Staat Op

Yeah.... early in the morning. But worth it!!
Alarm went off at 4 in the morning. I picked up Bertolf @5.. at least I tried to; but he was still sleeping; had to wake him up by knocking real loud on his window ;-)
And then off to Radio538 for Edwin Evers his populair morning show. Bertolf & band had to perform 3 songs; I had to do the live-mixes.


The HIT;

Tomorrow Tros Muziekcafe; always a pleassure

18 May 2010

Patrick LeDuc / KinKobra / Barbarella / Bertolf / Arthur Adam

I was involved in a lot of great projects lately!

First of all I want to tell you about this great new talent; Patrick LeDuc. Patrick is a Dutch singer-songwriter with roots in Counting Crows, Tim Christensen, Gemma Hayes and a bit of Soundgarden. 
A stunning debut has been recorded with Paskal Jakobsen and Peter Slager of the famous Dutch band BLØF & drummer Martijn Bosman (probably the best drummer in this country!).
The album "Square Moods" will be released in Fall 2010 & it contains great songs. Some of the songs remind me of the energy & passion featured on "Selling The Drama" by Live. Besides that I also should mention that Patrick is a gifted singer with a beautifull voice!

Recorded, produced & mixed a single called "I'll die 4 thin" for the band KinKobra
It's an a$$-kickin' rock track! The band won a band-competition on radio 538, and this will certainly result in airplay.

This trio is really rockin' and I hope we will be able to make an album in the future.

Another a$$-kickin' band I worked with is Barbarella.
They are recording an album right now, and asked me to mix a song that was already finished. The song is called "I am the Wolf" and will be used for promotional purposes.
If I had to describe their music I would say Stoner rock combined with Placebo & a touch of Soulwax.
The rest of the albumtracks will be recorded during the next months and they expect to be ready with the album at the end of the summer. A release date is not scheduled yet. We'll keep you posted.

I also teamed up with Bertolf fot some radio & TV promo gigs. I did th livemixes in shows like; Pauw & Witteman, De Wereld Draait Door, Giel, Tros Muziekcafe, Q-music, Evers Staat Op, BNN That's Live, Bring it On etc etc.

Besides all that I am also still enhancing my new mix&overdub studio in Soest (((GieSound)))
all... and for all you suckers that did not listen Arthur Adam's album "Awake" yet... YOU SHOULD!! Everyone who loves music by artists like Damien Rice, Jeff Buckley, Sufjan Stevens, Sebadoh, The Police and Motorpsycho should really check it out since I am pretty damn sure you will love it!!

17 May 2010

Livemix: Bertolf - Two in a Million

Livemix; yesterday on radio 3FM.
Again; Bertolf & band playing their new single ;-)