01 September 2003


Not all the things I am recording/mixing R gonne be on this News-section. Simply because I haven't got time enough to write it all down....

I just finished 2 projects for the American band LIVE:

  • They were in Holland for a special TV-show called 'PopSecret' (BNN). Their management asked me to come and multitrack the show, and do the mixing.(I've recorded and mixed Live 7 times already). The recordings were made @ NEMO, wich is some kind of a museum in Amsterdam, and there where only 250 people lucky enough to be in the audience! [CLICK HERE for some pics!] After that I went two days into the MCO3 studio to mix ( together with engineer Frank Mathijssen) all the songs on a lovely NEVE VR desk. (Probably the only Neve-desk in this country?!)

  •  A week later Frank and got hired by MCA/Universal again, this time to mix a LIVE show that was recorded in Brussels. This show was broadcast @ TMF Vlaanderen. Some tracks we mixed, ended up on CD-single. Click here

  • I record & mix special live performances for Dutch music-TV station THE BOX. They have a program called PURE, wich is a mixture between MTV's "Unplugged" and VH1's "StoryTellers". PURE is created and produced by a little company called IISYOU MUSIC.
    The last time we recorded two populair Dutch idols : Jim and Intwine. (Before that we have done shows with Krezip, Beef, Brainpower, Relax, Di-Rect, Raymzter...)