15 August 2012

Lot's of work.

Last couple of months I have been so busy, that I have not been able to update my website. Sorry!

I have been recording and/or producing and/or mixing for artists like:

  • The Gathering
  • Audio Adam
  • Swelter
  • The Red17
  • Colossa
  • Buddha for Mary
  • Landmark 105
  • Gerhardt
  • Martijn van Essen
  • Pieter van der Zweep
  • Zylver project
  • Gabriel Self
  • Veldman Brothers
  • Behave
  • Make up your mind

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20 January 2012

and a happy new year :)

What have I been doing lately?

I finished the Firetrip album. We did the last recordings and after that I mixed the album and now it's ready to be mastered. The band is looking into options for the release, and they should be able to find a nice label because this is a great album: britpop meets americana with a touch of the 70ties :) If you like Wilco, Nada Surf, Johan and Paul Weller than you will surely like Firetrip.

Mixed a energetic EP for a new band called The Red 17 and when the sent it to radio3fm the were bombarded "Serious Talent" instantly. If I have to label their music I would say american college pop/rock. These guys knows how to make a catchy track with lot's of energy.
Please check out:

The Lorrainville album has finally been released (last week of November 2011).
And we were invited to play live at the most populair TV show in The Netherlands: DWDD. And also by the most popular radio dj (Giel) to play a couple of songs in his morning show on 3fm.
You can find video's of these RTV promo's here
The album managed to reach the #1 spot on the iTunes charts! And the first single is getting a lot of airplay, especially on Radio2 (where it has been on the playlist for weeks now).
Here's a video for the first single "Lost":
And there will be more nice Lorrainville news in the future :)

I mixed a special "new years track" by Fay Lovsky and Ocobar. The tracks was also used at new years morning by dutch television for their "wishes".

I've also been mixing the brand new Swelter album. It's very different from their debut: the new album is going to be very dense and more layered.