15 February 2011

Linda Leen & Alain Clark - Wild And Free

Here's the duet between Latvian superstar Linda Leen & our very own Alain Clark.
Recorded, mixed and produced by yours truly.

And here is a "making of" video (some of the footage was shot at GieSound studio)

11 February 2011

#1 hit!

"Je vecht nooit alleen", the single that I produced and mixed for famous dutch band 3J's went to #1 in the Dutch Charts!
It's my first number 1 hit (although we were very close with 2 of Bertolf's singles before).

01 February 2011


quick update: 

The Lorrainville project is starting to get really really nice! Please follow it on the Lorrainville site (I'm sorry there's no English version yet).
I'm almost done selecting the songs; I will pick 14 (out of the 81 entries) for the recording sessions.
Anneke van Giersbergen will be one of the featured singers for the album, and she will probably be accompanied by 2 male singers.

A song that I recorded, produced and mixed for famous dutch band 3J's ("Je vecht nooit alleen") won the national songfestival!
This means that they will go to the European songfestival with this song. 
Mission completed! (well, it would be nice to get a good result in Europe, but that seems to be a lottery...)

I mixed a great single for new born stars The Medics. The song is called "City". Radiostation 3FM declared the band "Serious Talent".

Another Serious Talent band is Colossa. You might remember that I recorded, mixed and produced their debut album "Born to make a Sound". This smashing rock record is very well received by the press, and the single "Darling (I want you)" is getting a lot of airplay by rock-dj Eric Corton. (And populair dj Giel Beelen also played Colossa tracks at his night show)
Last weekend the band did 3 cd-presentation shows across the country. Please check out their ass-kickin' album (on Spotify) is you are into bands like Triggerfinger, Dead Weather, Soundgarden, Foo Fighters, QOTSA, Raconteurs, Brant Bjork and the Bros, etc etc 

The album "Spreadin Around" that I made with The Veldman Brothers is highly acclaimed by the blues press. So I think we did a nice job in the studio :)