07 January 2007

Happy 2007 (+news)

Hi everybody,
I wish you all the best for 2007 and I like to thank you for the support, inspiration and the trust you gave me in this past year.

Latest news (releases/recordings/sessions. Not everything, just some highlights).

2006 was a very important year for me, because it became clear that I had to focus for 100% on my work in de studio. Mixing, recording, producing and mastering. For the last few years I combined this work with a part-time job for a music-venue (behind the scenes work). But thanks to the conversations I had with inspiring colleagues (like Michael Brauer) at the TapeOp conference in Arizona it became clear that I have to put all my effort into my real passion. So that's what I am doing now full-time.
Therefore I spent a lot of time in studio's for the last few months, and I was enjoying every single minute of it. I had a blast recording a festival like London Calling for VPRO. But it was also an honour to work with a creative and inspiring mind like Mike Patton once again. We recorded his liveshow with (one of his projects) Peeping Tom And there were more projects with well-known names. The highlight of the last few months was Lambchop; they played a magnificent concert with an amazing string-section.
But I also worked with yet unknown talents who still have to prove themselves in 2007: One of them is Jeremy's. A very talented punkrock band with a pop-flavour. Their album will be released somewhere in 2007. Thanks to guitarplayer Fokko, a young talent who writes all the catchy songs, and the strong performance of singer Katelijn this band can reach out to a big audience. Trend-setting radio-dj Giel Beelen ranked them as "Most Promissing act" in Hitkrant magazine. Jeremy's brings you the vitamins you need: energetic, powerful, catchy and fast songs with a sexy sauce of chick-vocals on top of them.
Heavens Devils are bound to do a lot of gigs in 2007; once promoters got to hear their new demo the bookings must be flying in.
The fundaments of this band are of solid Rock and Roll. Four men strong with a clear mission. Driven, passioned and with total dedication these gentlemen play highly energetic RNR you'll never forget. High voltage - Steamy - Razorsharp Rock and Roll with influences from the 70's rock were sparks fly off.
Think 'Danko Jones joined with Bon Scott as a singer'. The Heavens Devils are on fire! The future looks bright for these true rockers!! Known for there solid and audience focussed live shows!

As we speak I am working on a retro-rock cd with a band that combines The Who / Grand Funk Railroad / Led Zeppelin into a great groovin coacktail.
2007 is promissing. First I am working with a Bluesband with an amazing guitarplayer, and there's a lot more on the horizon.
One shocking fact I have to share with you: I am going to mix my first Death Metal cd in 2007!

That’s all for now; I hope to meet you all again. And please: stick out you neck in 2007!

That's all 4 now! I hope to meet you soon!!