31 May 2011

Lot's of news:

I feel ashamed since it took me so long to update this news-section. Here's what I have been busy with for the last months:

I mixed special live tracks for the band Bløf! 6 tracks were released as an exclusive iTunes EP and the 7th track will be released soon ;)

The Gathering
Mixed a brand new & stunning track! "Heroes for Ghosts" lasts almost 11 minutes, and is a slight preview to their upcomming album. You can download the track for FREE here.

Daniël Versteegh
For this talented singer/songwriter I mixed an EP called "Two wrongs don't make a Right". Daniël writes beautifull songs, so this is just the beginning. Check out his EP on Bandcamp. Specially (my favorite song:) "Waiting"

The Medics
After the succesfull first single "City", I also mixed the 2nd energetic Medics single called "Explode". It will blast on your radio's real soon! (I will also be mixing their debut album)

Rupert Blackman
This singer/songwriter was born & raised in the UK, but lives in The Nethelands at the moment. I recorded, mixed & produced 3 great songs for Rupert & his band. With these of preview-tracks we hope to score him a record deal so we can make an album. These new tracks can not be found online yet, but I will keep you posted :)

Just like the dutch version, the english version ("Never Alone") also went to #1 in the charts. So they scored two #1 hits with the same song!! (recorded, mixed & produced by yours truly).

Well there's so much that can be said about this project :) It costs all my free time, but I don't mind since it's going to be great. Please check the Lorrainville website for all info (sorry, Dutch only.) or check the YouTube channel.
Click here for a cool video of guitarist Angelo de Rijke improvising.

Laura Estévez
I have been working on a kickin' single with Laura & her band but we had stop because Laura's voice needed some surgery. So we put things on hold for now, but as soon as Laura is capable of singing again, we will finish this fine track.
btw: Laura is supported by an 'allstar' band:
bass: Diets Dijkstra, guitars: Dave Rensmaag,  keys: Patrick van Herrikhuyzen, drums: Dave Menkehorst & guitars: Angelo de Rijke.

Talking about Allstars
This band was doing only covers until recently; but now they won a song-contest by radiostation 538. So we went into the studio to work on a poppie debut single. "Lost without you Love" will be released soon.