25 March 2003


EMI (in Holland) have been releasing a 3-version cd-box of "Clocks" by Coldplay. Each version contains some live-tracks with engineer Paul Schoenmakers & I recoded and mixed live on the 5th of november 2002 in the Ahoy stadium in Rotterdam. A total of 10 live-tracks is released, so fans can collect some sort of a live-album.

Avril Lavigne (Great live-band, wonderful crew, but Avril wasn't in great shape. She had fever, so it probably wasn't her best show ever. But the atmosphere was great, and she even did a Green Day cover.)

Radio4 (A dirty sounding album, so we also tried to make our concert-recording as butt-kickin as possible. A lot of tube-compression was used on this mix. The band gave a solid performance, and I love to listen back to it when I'm on the highway.)

Beth Gibbons (She is probably most known as THE singer of Portishead. This is a woman who can hypnotize an audience, as long as she gets enough musical support. And she did get that when she played in the Milkyway in Amsterdam. The guitar player of Portishead was also in her band. It turned out to be a very atmospheric recording, with some stunning live-versions of her intimate songs!)

Good Charlotte (Talkin'about butt-kickin'! These guys know how to give a energy to the crowd without compromising their performance. Wow, great punk-rock show.)

Kelly Osbourne (Need I introduce this woman/girl???! Just like Avril, she got a very tight band around her. The whole day was like one big episode of The Osbournes. And I was in it.... I don't recall having that much fun on a recording day before!)