13 May 2004

Counting Crows, Muse, etc.

Latest news (releases/recordings/sessions):

  • Counting Crows. The new Counting Crows single Holiday in Spain (together with Blof) is gonne be released in 3 special editions. Each version will contain 3 live-tracks that Frank Mathijssen and I recorded & mixed live at the Counting Crows concert in Ahoy Rotterdam, earlier this year.

  • Intwine (recorded & mixed for PURE @ The Box is now released on DVD + bonusCD!!)

  • MUSE... is gonne release a 3 versions of the Absolution CD-single. Two of those singles will contain live-recordings wich me and Hans Bunt mixed last year. (Maybe some recordings from the forthcoming Pinkpop festival will also appear in that Muse-box. I'll let U know.)

  • N*E*R*D (livemix for VPRO radio)

  • Frederique Spigt & Mindy Brown (21 songs recorded @ a theater in Rotterdam. Mixed @ my homestudio. It's just being released on DVD! Check out & for more info about this special project.)

  • JET (livemix for KRO radio)

  • AIR (livemix for VPRO radio)

  • Belle & Sebastian (livemix for VPRO radio)

  • FRET Festival (livemixes for radio3FM of 8 bands. Among them Daryll-Ann + This Beautiful Mess.)

  • London Calling Festival (livemixes for VPRO radio of 9 bands. Among them The Stands + The Veils.)

  • Lost Prophets (livemix for VPRO radio)

  • Greendive (I'm co-producing their album, and I also mixed/produced two songs.)

  • I record & mix special live performances for Dutch music-TV station THE BOX. They have a program called: PURE, wich is a mixture between MTV's "Unplugged" and VH1's "StoryTellers". PURE is created and produced by a little company called IISYOU MUSIC.
    We have done shows with Krezip, Beef, Brainpower, Intwine, Relax, Di-Rect, Raymzter, Jim....) Some of these shows end up being released on DVD.

    [to be continued]