03 October 2008

Sanne Hans aka Miss Montreal

Short update; mixed a single for Sanne this week. Although I am still spending all my time on Bertolf's album, we managed to slip one day of mixing for Sanne into the schedule

For those idiots who have missed it:
Sanne aka Miss Montreal aka Sanne Gans aka the girl from the Slankie commercial. (almost) Every record company is offering her a contract at the moment. Nice how these things work; she was singing her a$$ off in Ysis for years (and not a lot of labels showed interest), but ever since the commercial (and her stuning performance on TV for "De Wereld Draait Door") she is hot.
On monday she recorded her single (called "Just a Flirt"), and on wednesday she came to the studio for the mixing. We re-recorded her lead vocal because I thought it could/should be better. She is a great singer, so that went very fast. Then I kicked her out of the studio and started mixing ;-)
Went out to have dinner, finished mixing, and kaboem here we have a hitsingle!
I know it's dangerous to say this in advance, but I really think this is going to be a big hit.
I'll keep you posted...