02 September 2005


Together with engineer Frank Mathijssen and assisting engineer Per van der Zande, I recorded another live-show from Coldplay. In April we did an intimate clubgig, this time it was a big stadium concert. The band played at the Gelredome Arena in Arnhem and it was a strange night. Why? Because the concert took place at the 7th of July and that same morning terrorists blew up bombs in London. So there was some sort of tension in the air during the concert. Once again the band proved to be up there with the best. They played a very intens set and the crowd loved it. After that I went to the studio for a couple of days to mix the whole concert for EMI Music. 7 songs are released in a special live box!!!

Together with (recording guru) Paul Schoenmakers I did a live recording of HARD-FI for VPRO radio. Hard-Fi is one of those new asskickin' bands from the UK.

oh yeah... and did I mention that I recorded at the Lowlands festival again? Well.... I did ;-) My personal highlights were: FOO FIGHTERS / FRANZ FERDINAND / KAISERS CHIEFS / QOTSA / GABRIEL RIOS. Keep in mind that I only recorded at the Alpha stage, so I have no ID how other bands were.