08 October 2004

Angie Stone & more...

Well, let me start by telling you about the accident I've had on the 1st of October. I was riding my bike, when a car hit me and launched me into the air. The flying part went pretty smooth, but I have to admit that the landing didn't go well. The lower-west side of my back has a pretty blue/grey colour now, and I have a continues headache!!! So I had to cancel all sessions for two weeks (maybe more?).
I would like to use this oppotunity to appologise to the people who's sessions got delayed: Sorry guys & girls!!

Latest news (releases/recordings/sessions):

Last time I updated this site I told you about Angie Stone: "wow, what do I need to say?! This woman's got SOUL!!! We recorded a special live show, and I've got to spend a few days in the studio to mix the wonderful live-material. She's a great performer, and she got an excellent band that can play really dynamic!" The show is gonne be released on DVD, so once I'm back on my feet again I will take care of some 5.1 stuff, and hen it's ready for release!

Novastar just released a new single called Rome. The second track on that CDS we recorded and mixed on the last Pinkpop festival.

Dresden Dolls. They gave a splendid concert in the Milkyway in Amsterdam. Together with Paul Schoenmakers I recorded/mixed their unique performance live for VPRO radio & 3voor12. You've got to check out this 2-piece band! (yep I consider them to be a band, not a duo.)

Two days later Paul and I went to the Milkyway again because EMI/Labels asked us to record and mix Interpol. We've had a blast, cause these guys rock and swing in their own special way. They got their own sound, which shines not only on their records but also live! Great show guys!

I also recorded and mixed a new PURE session with Dutch IDOL Boris for The Box. The show has been broadcasted, and BMG is also gonne release it on DVD. BMG is also gonne release a DVD of the HIND show I mixed just before my summer vacation.

For VPRO radio & 3voor12 we (Sjoerd vd Broek and I) recorded and mixed two raw underground bands: The Hunches and Archie Bronson Outfit. Both bands were spittin' their raw-and-high-energy-rock in the upper-hall of the Paradiso in Amsterdam.

Tha Doggz. Well I just have to tell you about this great new band. It's a kick-ass band wich plays rock the way QOTSA, Foo Fighters and Velvet Revolver play it! We went into the studio to record a 5 track EP, and we sure had fun. The energy was there, the band was blasting; I think we nailed it: pure agressive in-your-face-rock! Surf to and check out the "Studio Teasers"!

Monster Magnet (livemix for VPRO radio. These guys are finally back on track!)

Greendive (I'm co-producing their album wich will be released pretty soon, and I also mixed/produced two songs for that album. One of these can be found on the single Friday wich is out in stores now.)

Lowlands 2004 festival. 3 days on a beautifull festival; I do have a great job! I was working with engineer Frank Mathijssen at the Alpha Stage (=main) recording/mixing artists like Velvet Revolver (always nice to see rock-icons enjoying themselves.), dEUS (3 new songs!), N*E*R*D (big party), Soulwax (one of my favorite bands, but the've done better shows.), The Darkness (great rockshow!), Faithless (the 11th show I did from this excellent live-act), ThanX also to Per for all his hard work!). It was a Double2 production for MTV / Radio3fm / VPRO radio /

PINKPOP 2004. The oldest festival of The Netherlands with a fine lineup. We recorded a lot of bands, these were my favorites: Muse / NERD / Novastar / Black Eyed Peas
Not all the things I am recording/mixing R gonne be on this News-section. Simply because I haven't got time enough to write it all down....