22 November 2008

Airplay for Bertolf

Both Q-Music & Radio 3fm have put Bertolf's first single "Another Day" on their playlist! (and it is also being played at Radio2).
And the videoclip premiered at RTL Boulevard!
His album (For Life) will be released on the 9th of january 2009.

18 November 2008

Bertolf @ DWDD, New single Jeremy's, Miss Montreal scores hit!

Things with Bertolf are going really fast. The first single "Another Day" is just being released and is already played on the radio. Especially by DJ Giel Beelen who is really raving Bertolf (and he knows what he's talking about; because he is one of the few people who actually heard the entire album!). "2009 is gonna be Bertolf's year", according to Giel.
Thanks to Giel (?) Bertolf was also invited to be a guest on one of the most populair TV-shows in The Netherlands "De Wereld Draait Door". In wich he performed a fragment of his single together with his band:

Bertolf's album "For Life" is probably going to be released in the beginning of 2009. You can check out his single on his MySpace, and if you like it please buy it, or download it here, or with iTunes. The single also features a lovely acoustic version that we recorded live in the studio (after we finished mixing the album).

"Just a Flirt" the single I did with Miss Montreal has been high up in all charts over the last weeks; with the highest position (so far?) being number 4! (besides that she is on every radiostation's playlist).
Miss Montreal will also play at Noorderslag (just like Bertolf & I Kissed Charles).

Jeremy's new single "I want a Girl" is also picked up by radio 3fm.
It's the 3rd single from their album 'O Yeah Aha Oh'

12 November 2008

Bertolf's album ready, I Kissed Charles =Serious Talent

I finished mixing the Bertolf album. Last thursday (very early in the morning) Bertolf made his debut on Giel Beelen's populair morning show with a live performance of the single "Another Day" (together with his band).

Bertolf is also Serious Talent on 3FM and according to LiveXS he is playing at the prestigious Noorderslag Festival!
The album was mastered last friday, and the single is just being released.
AND.... Bertolf played in the HMH last night for 5500 people as a support act for Amy MacDonald!

I Kissed Charles is also 'declared' by 3FM as Serious Talent! AND... the band is gonna be kicking some a$$ at the Noorderslag festival!!!
I'll keep you posted...

02 November 2008

Miss Montreal, Bertolf, Duroc

Very short news-flash;
"Just a Flirt" was 3FM Megahit last week, and all big radio stations are playing it a lot. Sanne aka Miss Montreal is also interviewed on a lot of TV and radioshows and is labelled the next big thing. Remember I told you this was gonne be a hit ;-)

I am almost done mixing the Bertolf album. Just two more songs, plus a bonus-track. Also we have to record and mix a b-side for the first single. On thursday morning B will debut on Giel Beelen's morning show with a live performance of the song (with his band).

In between all of this, I also managed to work on a demo-cd with a band called Duroc. Two songs of wich, can be found on their MySpace.

More on all of this later....