30 May 2003

Destiny's Child

First, let me tell you about some releases I'm involved in:

1) The Destiny's Child DVD "World Tour" is finally out. Last year we recorded the Rotterdam show of their tour, and now that complete gig is out on DVD!

2) There is a limited edition of the new LIVE album "Birds Of Pray". That edition includes a free DVD containing 4 songs LIVE played at Pinkpop2002. The music was mixed live by Frank Mathijssen and myself for Radio3fm and national TV.

3) The latest Queens of the Stoneage cd-single "Go with the Flow" contains a live-track wich me and Hans Bunt recorded & mixed live at The Milkyway, Amsterdam for KRO's Leidsekade Live.

4) Universal Music (in the UK) released two versions of the latest Counting Crows single "Big Yellow Taxi". One version contains a live version of  "Miami" wich I recorded together with engineer Frank Mathijssen for Radio3fm. (So this is in fact a live-mix, no multitrack recodings or anything...)

5) EMI (in Holland) have been releasing a 3-version cd-box of "Clocks" by Coldplay. Each version contains some live-tracks wich engineer Paul Schoenmakers & I recoded and mixed live on the 5th of november 2002 in the Ahoy stadium in Rotterdam. A total of 10 live-tracks is released, so fans can collect some sort of a live-album.

6) The UK-edition of the latest INDIA ARIE album contains a special bonus live-track wich Paul Schoenmakers & I mixed and recorded.

7) BEEF has released a DVD with the P.U.R.E. set on it. Hans Bunt and I mixed that show originally for The Box Music TV.

8) Rumours are that KREZIP are also gonna release a DVD with their P.U.R.E. set on it. And that their next single (mine) was mixed by Hans Bunt and myself.

The last few weeks I've done concert-recordings/mixes for Radio3FM of:

Macy Gray (at the Milkyway in Amsterdam. Macy had fun, I assume, cause she played more than 2 hours and 20 minutes!!! There was a real good atmosphere and people were really diggin' her show. And they weren't the only ones having fun...)
Raveonettes (a dirty ass-kickin' band... and that's what they did at their concert at Milkyway Amsterdam. All songs under three minutes, all packed with energy!)

Goldfrapp (lots of electronica, lots of people on stage playing all the instruments and a real original sound. It was the first show of their tour, so not all the songs were smooth, but more than enough for a good broadcast)
LONDON CALLING festival (pfff... what can I say?! A lot of new English talents, all playing in Paradiso. We recorded 9 bands for VPRO radio. My personal favorites were Echoboy and Damien Rice)

Calexico (a band that is able to keep surprising you! I've recorded them before, but every time is different. These guys love to take risks; some the win, some they loose, you might say. So we managed to get a few wonderful performances on tape.)
Johnny Marr (He used to be the guitarist of legendary band The Smiths, but nowadays he has his own band. He makes real English music in the tradition of bands like Stone Roses and The Charlatans. So I really enjoyed myself... nice guy too!)

3 Doors Down + Theory of a Deadman (I've recorded 3 Doors Down a few times before. This band is always tight & rockin', so also this time at Paradiso! Support-act:
Theory of a Deadman is a Canadian band which sounds more or less like Nickelback.)

In my spare time I did some recordings and mixing for the (roots)rockband Livin' Stone. The album-cover is finally ready so the album is out now. There R a lot of recording-session pictures on their SITE