28 January 2020



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For all you Spotify lovers out there; I made a playlist featuring lot's of music that was recorded and/or mixed and/or produced by me. You can find it here

Worked on a lot of projects recently, here are a few highlights:

07 February 2018

2017 in a nutshell

Recorded and mixed a "live at the studio" ep with PACESHIFTERS to celebrate their UK recorddeal:
And there is also a live album coming out in 2018 that we recorded at a sold out Hedon venue and that we mixed at GieSound.

Recorded, mixed and produced an album with German/Dutch band COLORWAVE. An indie pop/rock band influenced by groups like Paramore, Green Day and the Foo Fighters. In a heartbeat you will find yourself drawn into a rush of strong guitar riffs and pumping drums that will set the roof on fire.

Recorded, mixed and produced a single for ZIGGY SPLYNT (and as we speak we we start recording a couple more songs). If you like bands like Biffy Clyro, Muse and A Perfect Circle you should check out these talanted guys from Utrecht

Recorded, mixed and produced an album with VOLTAGE. It's the southernrock band featuring Voice of Holland finalist Dave Vermeulen. Here's a track from that album:

Recorded, mixed and produced an album for TRICKLEBOLT. Heavy retro-rock that kicks a$$

Recorded, mixed and produced an album for DRIVE BY WIRE. If you are into 70ties flavoured desert- and stonerrock and like QOTSA, Blue Pills, PJ Harvey etc etc, thanplease check em out.

Recorded, mixed and produced an album for LONE ROAD STATION. It's rock, sometimes it's pop, sometimes it's atmospheric.

Recorded, mixed, mastered and produced an album for THE GOOD HAND. If you’re into bands like Queens Of The Stone Age or latter-day Soundgarden and you don’t mind a fair bit of Radiohead-inspired experimentalism or a slight touch of King Crimson-like madness, then “Atman” by The Good Hand is your jam.

Recorded an album with HABITANTS. I will also be mixing the album in the upcomming weeks. Habitants is the living proof that atmosphere, talent and honest music can still prevail in an ailing music industry. With a mix of atmospheric and dynamic melodies and soft and heavy electronic and organic beats, the music of Habitants can be best described as film music noir. A slow rollercoaster ride from bright colorful lights to uncomfortable pit dark caves.
Here's the first song from that album:

Recorded and mixed an acoustic live-ep with CC GRAND:

Mixed an album for BALL NOIR; a band that mixes the worlds of programming and electric devices with medieval and classical instruments. Inspired by their heroes from Anathema, My Dying Bride and Qntal they write medieval metal, with a greed for haunting melodies, dark fantasies and smashing heartbeats.

Mixed an ep for CROWJANE. A band that mixes influences from Hickey Underworld, Triggerfinger, Foo Fighters and Interpol into their own cocktail.

Mixed a couple of songs for NEMESEA. Among those was their new single, featuring their amazing new singer Sanne Mieloo!

Mixed an album for reli-pop-band LEV. 

Mixed an album for retro pop/rock band THE ROYAL ENGINEERS. A band where Queen, Herman Brood and Fleetwood Mac all seem to come together

Recorded, mixed and produced a single for Britrockers SEAFIRE that did really well in the Indie Charts:

Recorded, mixed and produced an ep for OUTSIDE REVELATION. These guys make heavyand thick rock. In rock-cirty they live in the same neighbourhood as bands like Audioslave etc.

Mixed almost all the songs for DENNIS KOLEN's new album. Stil have to do one or two, so you have to wait patience just like me😇

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28 January 2017

3 songs in top5!

This is nice: three songs that I recorded, mixed & produced in the top5 of the Indie Charts!
Saint Charlie on the #1 spot, The Road Home #3 and Drive By Wire on #5.

16 January 2017

2016 summed up

Alright, lets see if I can sum up my 2016:

Finished album production for The Road Home. Expect some great & catchy rock songs. If you like Gaslight Anthem, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty and Alkaline Trio you will surely love The Road Home. The first singles reached high into the Indie Charts

Also finished the album I made with CC Grand. Great americana (Calexico meets 16Horsepower meets John Mayer meets Ray LaMontagne).

Another 2015 production that was released in 2016 was the brand new Nemesea album that I recorded, mixed and produced. We went for a new bandsound; less metal, more rock and even more catchy songs.

Mixed a thick & bold (blues)rock tracks for Stray Train
These guys are from Ljubljana, Slovenia and are on top of their game.

Also worked with We Fall Slowly on a couple of great rock songs. Not all have been released yet, but here's already one of them:

Had a blast working with Belgium producer Arker again. I mixed a couple of singles and an EP for some of his productions. Here are a couple of examples of tracks that I mixed for him:

Also did some vocal production for the brand new Delain album.

2016 was also the year that I met Dave Vermeulen (#2 in the Voice Of Holland). Did some recordings and also mixed his debut single:

And Dave is also in the band Voltage, so we also started working on their debut album. It will probably be released at the end of 2017, since we still have to do most of the recordings. But here's already one song to give you an idea of the new stuff. High powered 70ties rock:

Also did some audio for 2 documentaries. One about soccer-star Jaap Stam, and one about the band Color Reporters.

2016 is also the year that I got to work with Saint Charlie a very talented band from Nijmegen. First I mixed some of their demo's. And in the summer we started working on a full length album production. Resulting in an album full of Atmospheric Indie-Rock that will be released march 2017. Here's the first single taken of that album that reached the number ONE position in the Indie Charts:

Also the year of mixing madness for a band that is 3.457 kilometers away. Hell of a ride with the guys from JadaL. First time that I mixed an album for an Arabic rockband.

Producer Rob Buis dropped by and asked me to mix a beautiful album he produced for gospel singer Joke Buis.

As you can see it's not only rock music that I work on :)
So don't be surprised when you will also find reggae in my Discography. Producer/keyboardplayer Mathijs van Til worked on some great tracks with his band Roots Rising. And asked me to perform the mixing for their ep.

Let's continue our journey through 2016 with the boys from SeaFire. They sound British, but don't let that fool you :) Mixed a couple of demo tracks for them

And it was great to work with Magnavox Radio again. Mixed new songs for them, and since they have not been released yet, here's an old one I mixed for them:

Talking about returning costumers and talking about different music styles: the guys from The Monolith Deathcult are dropping another bombshell metal album in 2017. Which I had the unfortunate honor of mixing it...  

Guitarist/Producer Bernard Gepken dropped by with singer Marlene Bakker to record vocals and some additional guitars for her new album. 

Long time clients Bökkers came by for a complete single production (recorded, mixed & produced):

There are plans to record a full length album with desert-rock band Drive By Wire this summer. But in December 2016 we already worked on a first song for that album:

Another band that I recorded a single with in 2016, and will be coming back to my studio for a full length is Tricklebolt.

2016 is also the year that I started working on an awesome album with Lone Road Station. Will be finished and released in 2017.

Sooooo as you can read: I had a BLAST in 2016, and with all the cool stuff that's going to happen in 2017 we have nothing to complain about!

More music!