16 September 2009

Anneke van Giersbergen, Aqua de Annique, Polarskin, Veldman Brothers

Very very short update, because I have been working my a$$ of lately ;-)

-mixed the new Anneke van Giersbergen & Agua de Annique album. And it is a f#cking briljant album. It has everything I would be looking for in an album; catchy tunes, different moods, layered songs and also stripped ones. And she sings beautifully! This album is gonna impress a lot of people I can assure you!
The album will be released in 10 countries all over the world.

-recorded/mixed/produced an album by a brand new band called Polarskin. It's a band with layered & atmospheric songs with a great singer. Their style is difficult to pin down, since I don't know a band that does what they do. The best I can come up with (to describe their original sound) is a combination of bands. So elements of; Coldplay (intense), Snow Patrol (dynamic), Starsailor (emotion) with Editors (verb guitars).
We just got the final master of all 15 songs we recorded. Now we will start looking for a label that will pick their favorites (12?) and release that as an album.

-mixed a live TVperformance of Bertolf @ Pauw & Witteman. And also the "rooftop set" he did for that same program. (Besides that also some other Radio/Tv gigs of Miss Montreal & Bertolf, including sets&sessions at Lowlands)
Bertolf in the P&W show:

And here a part of the "rooftop set" in memory of the Beatles:

(all songs from the rooftop can be found on YouTube)

-mixed a live record by bluesband The Veldman Bros.
This limited edition cd proves that VB is the best Blues band in this country right now. Loads of energy, atmosphere and steamy performances!

Besides that I also did some pre-production with acts that I might record with real soon & I did 2 projects for a publishing company.
And.... I might get my own personal mixing&overdub room!! Looking into options right now. It has to be a room that is build around the combination of Pro Tools HD together with an excellent analogue mixing desk & all my analogue outboard.
Looking into several locations at the moment.