01 November 2011


I've been way 2 busy lately. Besides my normal work I also spend a lot of "free time" on the Lorrainville project (scroll down to read more about that).

But I've also been involved in some other projects:
  • Recorded, mixed & produced a special X-mas track for The Medics

  • Finished recording & mixing the Tarball album. I am so happy with the results; this a very ass-kickin' loud & in your face record. It pumps like a MF and the band has a unique style that makes it hard to compare them 1on1 with another band. If you put Deftones, Alice in Chains, Metallica, Chevelle and A Perfect Circle in a blender you get Tarball :)

  • I'm also halfway recording the debut album for Firetrip. We recorded the first few songs last year and since then there were some changes in the band. With the new lineup we recorded all the other songs. All drums, bass and guitars are recorded and we will continue with the vocals real soon. Everyone that likes bands like Nada Surf, Wilco etc should keep an eye on these guys.

  • Have been working with Laura Estévez  on a cool single. It will stay on the shelf for now, since Laura is working her way in the "voice of holland"

  • I mixed two more songs for brand new & upcomming star; Stefany June. She is a young German singer-songwriter with fresh electro pop. Her characteristic voice, self-penned songs and the eclectic sound choices give it a very unique and original sound! These two songs will be on her EP together with two songs that I mixed a couple of months ago.
    Not famous yet, but I see a nice future ahead!

  • Also helped indie-rockband Swelter with some recordings for their 2nd album. Once all the recordings are done I will also perform mixing-duties :)
All for now,

Lorrainville story

People keep asking me about the Lorrainville story (english version). So here it is:

Early this year, Facebook was flooded with people who played the online-game ‘Make your own album cover’ - also known as: ‘Wikipedia names your band’, where people clicked on a random quote, photo, and Wikipedia page - to create their own album cover, and posted them on their wall.  And my cover for a non-existent band and the non-existent album ‘You May Never Know What Happiness Is’, got a lot of reactions.
In a couple of hours dozens of befriended musicians and other creative minds signed up to actually make the album a reality. After reaction number fifty, I decided to take the plunge, and ‘Lorrainville’ was born.

On 2 October 2011 the song “A Heart That Is Lost Can Not Mend” was recorded live in the studio, and within 24 hours the song was released on YouTube with a wonderful video.
The album has not become a compilation album. The cover is the source of inspiration. ‘You May Never Know What Happiness Is’ is a melancholy singer/songwriter album. Americana with, as references, the quieter work of Ryan Adams, Elliott Smith and maybe even Ray LaMontagne. The project has always been open for ideas and suggestions.  Everyone could send in songs and nearly 90 songs were submitted.We wanted to use the creativity of everyone who signed up. Lorrainville belongs to everyone who cooperates, but I guard the unity, the vision and make the decisions.
Oh, and just so we’re clear; it’s not a commercial project, there’s no budget. Everyone who participates does so for the love of music.
The album will be released on the 28th of november on [pias], and we already received lot's of media invitations for that week. 

Album will be available in most Dutch record stores, & digital on iTunes & Spotify. International fans who prefer a real CD over a digital download can order a copy of the album at VelvetMusic or PlatoMania

[Click here to view a KRO TV item on how Lorrainville came about]