14 May 2008

Some nice reviews!!

Here's the Jeremy's track I recorded/mixed/produced recently for a movie score;

Great reviews are comming in all the time, but I want to share the nice words these reviewer wrote: FileUnder Review (Dutch only!)

Here's a translation:
"It strikes me that the name of mixer / masterer Guido Aalbers can be found a lot lately. I understand that talented, but also experienced, bands ask him to mix their CD, because he always deliveres a rocksolid sound. Recently we found two cd's in the mail on wich Aalbers put the icing on the cake. And both are blowing me away."

Also check out this Monolith Deathcult review
quote: "all this has made an impressive presence in the Wagnerian death metal with Slayeresque guitar terror of TMDC. Not in the last place by the devastating sharp and clear mix of one Guido Aalbers (a big name in pop/rock music, a complete nobody in the metal scene). "
hehe. That just puts a smile on my face :-)

BTW: I just finished mixing an album for a band called Pimpersticker. It's waiting for mastering now. More on that album later...