12 February 2008

Loads of news!!

yeah, yeah, I know... it has been a long time ;-)
Finally a news update, and I don't know where to begin since I worked on so many projects. So I won't mention everything.

First of all: Jeremy's (aka THE Jeremy's). After scoring a hit with 'Saturday' and being nominated for a TMF Award the band had been talking to different record company's. Finally they teamed up with PIAS for the album release. It's out now, and called 'O Yeah Aha Oh' featuring 16 high energy punkpop songs that kick your butt.
They also just finished shooting a video for the second single 'I want a Girl' wich will be released soon.
The first album reviews are all great (even in OOR magazine!).
It seems that a lot of people catch the adrenaline vibe.
(in case you did not know ;-) I mixed & mastered the album, and I also co-produced it and recorded a lot).

Shooting stars Dolorous Daze are signing a record deal with APR/CNR any minute now. A year ago I mixed a lot of songs they had been recording at home. Last month we went into the studio to record an additional 4 songs. All super catchy!
The band produces richly arranged, meloncollic pop/rock. Their music is enriched with additional vocals, strings, hammond, rhodes, piano and mellotron. They will use everything that helps to make their songs more colourful.
Bas (vocals/guitar) has a very unique voice and he is very good in controlling it. He's an amazing singer and reached all those high notes without autotune or everything. The three other members (Dani and the bros. Thierry & Caesar) are also very talented and multi-instrumentalists.
I completed mixing the new songs so we are all set for mastering the album this weekend at Wisseloord.
I will keep you posted on the release date of the first single and the album.

Talking about young talented bands with catchy tunes: For Goomah Music I mixed a 5-track EP of I Kissed Charles. (not released yet)

Charlotte, the singer is only 16! This young band sounds like the are from the UK, and that's meant as a compliment.
On their MySpace-page you can check out 2 songs.
And remember where you first heard of this band!

The Veldman Brothers scored 3 (!) number one positions in 3 different "Blues Album of the Year "-charts!!

You might remember that I was going to mix a metal record? Well... I did! The band is called The Monolith Deatcult and they used to make speedy and brutal death metal, but for their 3rd album they choose a different approach. I would say: 'bombastic Death Metal with a lot of orchestral and industrial elements as well as fast sections making it a genuinely colossal album'. The mixes were very complex since some songs contained around 100 tracks!
The album is comming out worldwide(!) real soon, but a lot of reviews are already in. All outstanding so far; I mean 6 out of 6 stars and 95 out of 100 points. Stuff like that. I think the worst review gave them 8 out of 10 ;-) All reviews are praising their new epic sound.
These guys don't mind a little self glorification BTW, so be aware when you visit their site ;-)

Talking about great reviews: the debut cd on Goomah Music from Cool Genius (wich I mixed, and did some recordings on) is also getting good reviews. And again; also from OOR.

More news from our 'young-talents-department' ;-) Pioneers of Love had to play at the prestigious Eurosonic festival and wanted to have a new demo to present to all the bizz-people out there. So we hit the studio (guerilla-style) to quickly record & mix a couple of songs. All of wich can be heard on their MySpace-page of course.
They received a lot of good reactions on the demo, and it got them more gigs. This four-piece band puts a distinctive dancable and pumping synthesizer-sound at the centre, suffused with melancholical guitar-riffs the band creates a surprisingly typical atmosphere. Its own musical identity gets strengthened by the intense hitsensitive songs.

I told you earlier about an album I made with Jeremy's guitarist Fokko. It is a side-project with Dutch songs. (Well... he sings in Dutch... allright).
The band is called WantWant and there is a lot of interest from different labels and record-company's to sign this band. Fokko teamed up with publisher Wim Kwakman (PFH) to talk to all the enthousiastic hotshots.
WantWant also has a MySpace page wich features some of the songs we did.

That's all 4 now. As always; I'll keep you posted!