28 September 2006

The Junes / Jeffrey Foucault

The Junes / Movie
The Junes are doing very well lately. Remember them? I told you about this band a few months back when I did some mixing for them.
Last two weeks their song "For Life" (listen to it on their MySpace) was often played on Radio3FM. (The most important radio-station in this country). Not only that, but they were also invited to play one song live. I went with them to do the live-mix. They gave an excellent performance (under circumstances that were less than perfect).
But that's not all. 4 Junes-songs (When the rain starts, She's my world, Not bringing me down and No-one) will be starring in a New Dutch movie called "Afblijven". I mixed three of those songs.
So now I have to go to a movie-theater to check it out. Could be a fun experience ;-)

This summer I went on a safari in Kenya and Tanzania. If you want to check out some (or a lot!) pics, please surf to :

Jeffrey Foucault
I had to work at the Blue Highways Festival in Utrecht (recording for radio).
And I have to tell you about a singer-songwriter who impressed me!
His name is Jeffrey Foucault and he has been compared to artists like Townes Van Zandt, Eric Taylor and Chris Smither. His dark-style reminded me of the "Ghost of Tom Joad" album by Bruce Springsteen.
Jeffrey is a young musician from southeastern Wisconsin whose songs display a maturity and talent that many find difficult to believe is the work of someone only 26 years old. Together with pedal-steel-guitarist Eric Haywood (Son Volt!) he played a collection of dark narrative ballads, starkly rendered love songs. Roots Americana with some folk and old country. The compositions have a style that is both literate and rough, and at the forefront of each song is Foucaults deep, burnished voice, smoky and sharp as whiskey.
Ladies and Gentlemen here is a singer that took my breath away! I see/hear a lot of shows, but it's not often that I am touched to the bone. So if you have a chance... please go visit one of his live-gigs, because it will probably move you. And if you are honoust: "When was the last time you've got moved by a singer?"
It's not that I do not like his new album... I do like it, but it's not as personal as his performance was.
Recently I played a few songs of the Blue Highways recordings after a long day of recording in the studio. Just to relax and reset my mind... After a few minutes the control room was filled with people, all gathering in front of the speakers to listen. None of these people had ever heard of Jeffrey Foucault, but they were all attracted by his touching performance.

That's all 4 now! I hope to meet you soon!!