19 September 2007

TMF nomination for Jeremy's

The story continues: Jeremy's is nominated for a TMF Award!!!!
How cool would it be if they won?! You can help to make it happen. All you have to do is go to and vote. (click on 'STEMMEN' in the upper menu)
You need to place a vote in every category. Jeremy's is nominated for: 'TMF KWEEKVIJVER AWARD'

ThanX a lot!!!

...and the snowball is still rolling and growing ;-)

18 September 2007

Van Katoen single

Just finished mixing the brand new Van Katoen single.
VanKatoen= Alternative, loud rock with dutch lyrics!

The music of VanKatoen is best decribed as a mixture between punk, rock and metal. They sing/scream in Dutch, not only because Bazz, the singer, isn’t particulary vluently in English, but also because VanKatoen believe that’s the only way they can bring across their socially involved lyrics.
As soon as they upload this new song (called "Waar ben jij") I will post a link so you can listen to it.

They are also working on a videoclip.

16 September 2007

Lot's of projects

I told you earlier about an album I made with Jeremy's guitarist Fokko. It is a side-project with Dutch songs. (Well... I mean that he sings in Dutch... allright).
Untill recently the band was simply called Fokko, but they changed their name to WantWant.

WantWant also has a brand new MySpace page wich features some of the songs we did.

My personal favorite is a song called "Heleen" wich has a great guitar-solo-melody. This song is also on their MySpace page, so you can check it out.

I also promised to put some of my Thailand pics online. Well... I did ;-)
Click here
to see a slideshow with some of my pics.

The first Cool Genius single is probably gonne be "My Friend". Check this song (and others) on their MySpace page.

The new Nou En single called "Roos" is ready (after recording & mixing, I still had to do the mastering) I told you about this song in my last news-update. It's a great-super-catchy-slick-rockin'-tune that won't let go.
You can listen to it on their MySpace.
They also shot a video for the single wich will be uploaded somewhere soon; I will keep you posted.

As you might know (or not); I also do my share of budget-mastering. Normally I don't mention any of that in this news-section, but I want to make an exception this time.
There are 2 mastering jobs I have to tell you about.
First; Next Waste Dimension. Blending heavy guitars with modern dance. Only few bands dare to do it, even fewer are able to make it work. With REWIRE REALITY Next Waste Dimension (NWD) prove they can pull it off. And how! On this debut NWD shows how to perfectly blend metal, dance and industrial in a way it sounds both natural and refreshing. They got some great reviews, so check out their site.
Second; Parkside. Dutch music magazine OOR wrote about them: "Parkside evokes exiting atmospheres through delightful sounds that are prominently placed without disturbing the songs. Extremely well-done! Think of Radioheads Kid a, but with a little more song to hold on to."
They've recorded and mixed alle those atmospheric songs themselves. You can check out songs on their MySpace!