12 November 2015

Last 13 months of work

So much stuff has happened over the last 13 months. Here's the short version:

  • Mixed an album for De Geweldigheid. Some crazy shit!! :)
  • We released a second Lorrainville album. Remember that special project? We won an Edison award earlier.
  • Mixed an album for Dennis Kolen. In my eyes Dennis is one of the best songwriters of The Netherlands. Check out this instant classic:

  • Mixed an EP for Diff. Nice Americana, with a powerfull vocal.
  • Recorded + mixed a special demo for Anneke van Giersbergen together with Iceland band Árstíðir. They perform a broad selection of momentous classical and modern works, re-conceived and re-imagined within the Árstíðir/Anneke sound-universe.
  • Mixed and mastered an EP for Magnavox Radio. With nice indie-rock-wave tunes.
  • Mixed a single for 3J's. They went to LA to shoot the video.
  • Mixed the new Bökkers album. This is the 3rd album I mix for these guys. They are very productive having 4 songwriters in the band. Again some great rock tracks!
  • Recorded drums for Fokko; these were the first recordings I made at the new GieSound studio.
  • Mixed a double-cd / triple-vinyl live box for The Gathering. Last year they celebrated their 25th anniversary with 2 special concerts where all members (past and present) participated. We recorded these shows and mixed them at GieSound for this very special release.
  • Mixed an EP for brand new band The Royal Engineers. Unique band with 4 leadsingers!
  • Mixed an album for Ulysses. If you are into progressive rock with some metal influences, you should really check out their album #eMotion
  • Mixed a Bökkers live TV-concert at RTV Oost. Watch the whole show here: part1 / part2
  • Mixed the new Fokko EP
  • Recorded, mixed and produced the brand new Nemesea album. We went for a new bandsound; less metal, more rock and more catchy songs.
  • Started the album production for The Road Home. We recorded 90% of the album right now, so the album will be mixed pretty soon. Expect some great & catchy rock songs. If you like Gaslight Anthem, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty and Alkaline Trio you will surely love The Road Home.
  • Recorded, mixed and mastered a new demo for Paceshifters. High voltage rock & roll!!
  • Started the album production for CC Grand. More news about this great americana album soon. (Calexico meets 16Horsepower meets John Mayer meets Ray LaMontagne)
  • Mixed the 'theme song' for the 'Mannenharten 2' movie. It's a unique combination of 2 Dutch artists that you won't expect :)
 And besides all of that I also moved GieSound studio from Soest to Zwolle, wrote columns for Music Maker magazine (every month), gave workshops and I was an examiner at the Herman Brood Academie for the sound guys over there.