16 August 2010

phat energy bursts

Just got back from the first recording session with Colossa. We made some long days recording drums, bass and guitars. Will start recording the first vocals on wednesday.
It's going to be an awesome record containing a variety of phat energy bursts. If you enjoy music from acts like Triggerfinger, Dead Weather, Soundgarden, QOTSA, Raconteurs, Brant Bjork & the bros, etc etc,  you will appreciate Colossa.
We cut some great and interesting guitartones, fat basses and big roomy drums. Singer/guitarist Remco Eijssen knows how to write catchy rockin' songs, and the boys know how to make em rock.

10 August 2010

Short update

Worked hard on the demo recordings for Bullet-Ray's new band. (Bandname might be "Honeyburst"?).
All drums, bass and leadvocals are done. 95% of the guitars is also done. Still to do; backing vocals, precussion and the last few guitarlicks ;-)
Mixing is scheduled for september.

Tomorrow I will start with the album production for Colossa. Will be an a$$-kickin album I can assure you!
Will keep you posted!

02 August 2010


Last couple of weeks have been very hectic because of some unfortunate events in the family.
But I am back in bizz again!
Did some mixes, and I have to say that I am still very happy with my mixing desk. It's sooooo nice to mix on!
Right now I am organizing/preparing for a couple of projects. Including a demo-recording with BulletRay his new band, and also a full-blast album-production for Colossa.