07 April 2009

Miss Montreal, Nina June, Bertolf

WOW!!! Man, I have been very very busy lately... So that's why it took me so long to update this news section.
First of all.... YES; I am finally on Hyves, so you can stop asking about it ;-)

I am almost ready with the album production for Miss Montreal.
The second single is already released. The rest of the songs are "on their way to blow you away!" ;-)
Here's the video for "This is my Life" (the 2nd single):

This song is already on most playlists, so you will hear it very often on Dutch radio!
In February went to ICP studio's in Brussels and recorded all basics for the album (drums, bass, electric guitars and most acoustic guitars). And in March Sanne and I flew to Portugal, where we recorded vocals (as you can see in the video above) and some percussion. Click here for pics of all those recoding sessions
Right now, I am in the middle of finishing the mixes for the album, so we are almost done.
Her first hitsingle "Just a Flirt" while still being played a lot on Dutch radio is now also picked up by Belgium radio! So it might become a big hit over there as well?!
The live-circuit also picked up this vibe, cause right now the band is already booked for over 40 festivals!!!

I almost forgot to mention that both Sanne (Miss Montreal) & Bertolf are nominated for (each) three 3FM Awards!!!

Bertolf is also still going strong. After the succes of first single "Another Day" (wich reached all the way to number 2 in the charts!!) the 2nd single (For Life) is just out. Check out the wonderfull video:

All this resulted in a lot of radio & tv appearances and some damn-good album-reviews in magazines!

I also finished a single with Nina June. It's something different then you might know from her since she sings this one in Dutch. That's because it's a soundtrack for a new book by bestselling author Patrick van Rhijn. People who buy the book will also get this song on a cd to play along. (More info can be found on her MySpace)

Besides all this, I also demo'd some songs with a band and I mixed a single for Gaia Nostra, wich will be released later this year when they start touring.

These were some highlights for now; I will try to keep you updated.