13 October 2006

TapeOp Con / Dolorous Daze

Tucson / TapeOp Conference 2006:

First of all: it was great; I've had a blast!
The conference was nice, insightfull, amusing, (and sometimes boring...)
I've met a lot of great people, and gathered some new contacts. As you might know, I went on invitation of Michael Brauer so it was nice to finally meet him in person after all the internet contact. Soon we were talking and laughing, drinking our favorite drink: Margarita's!
Lot's of stuff to talk about, and his workshops gave me more than enough material for the article I had to write for the (Dutch) magazine: Interface.
Michael also invited me for a dinner with some of his "friends"... as it tured out, I was gathered by hotshots that night. To mention just two:
Chris Athens, Mastering Engineer with Sterling Sound (they've probably mastered more CD's than any other studio in the world) and Dave Derr (the man behind the Distressor and Fatso, two of my favorite toys). We keep in touch.
Michael also invited me to come down to his studio on a mixing job he had to do, but my wallet would not co-operate on that one...

Dolorous Daze
I am working on a lot of different projects right now. One that recently stood out: the mixing of an 12-track album of a brand new Dutch band called Dolorous Daze... soon to be released??? I hope so, because it turned out great.
They recorded everything themselves. The vibe was good, but the recording quality suffered on some parts. So I had to do some creative editting/cleaning before I started mixing.
Bas (vocals/guitar) has a very unique voice and he is very good in controlling it. He's an amazing singer and he reached all those high notes without autotune or everything. And he does not need many takes to get it on tape!
The two other members (brothers Thierry and Caesar) are also very talented; they played a lot of different instruments themselves.
Right now the band is auditioning for a keyboard-player, and they might need an extra guitar-player in the future tooooo...
I'll give you an update soon..? Check em out on MySpace

BTW; I am fully booked for the next few weeks, so that's nice! Some great projects comming up with very talented bands!