24 May 2007

Editors / Greendive

For the next 2 months greendive is selected "Serious Talent" on Dutch radio 3FM. The track "Scar my face" can be heared daily after 7 PM, and on sundays. This is very quick, just after the EP "Break the silence" was finished three weeks ago.
The first labels also showed interest so everything seems to develop very smooth ;-)
Please check out their MySpace-page to preview 3 (out of 5) songs we recorded.

Other great news: my schedule contains recordings with The Editors!

I just worked on a project with the well known arranger Rik Elings (wich will be released all over the world). Rik made arrangements for lot's of different artists and worked for different orchestra's and big bands. He did over 300 pieces for The Metropole Orchestra.

So far...
keep the music rollin'!

10 May 2007

Greendive / Shins / The Junes / Jeremy's

Latest news (releases/recordings/sessions. Not everything, just some highlights).

I was lucky enough to work with Greendive again. We went to the studio and quickly recorded 5 of their brand new songs. After that I went into a quick mixing-session and now there is a demo-cd ready to get them a new record deal.
In the past I mixed and produced a few songs of their debut album, and later on we did a single together. The band (however) went to some tough times and it looked like they were going to split:
After a hectic period in 2005 the band takes a break to review its future. The chemistry and synergy between the band members is fading, resulting in the departure of two members. A few days later greendive’s rehearsal studio burned down completely in a serious fire caused by a short-circuit. The inferno destroyed almost all of the equipment and instruments. The remaining band members sticked together and decide to rebuild their musical home. In spite of all the bad luck during this period, the heart of the band beats muffled but steadily and Bas Ossenblok started writing songs again in his home studio. In april 2006 former greendive guitar player and co-writer Andres Deijkers rejoined the band - and a new bass player (Piet de Nijs) joined them - the tide was turning.
With Andres and Bas, the heart of greendive is complete again with both songwriters back in the centre of the band. After months of hard work, greendive’s energy is renewed. The band is reborn from the ashes (almost literally) and is on top of the world once again. The new songs are intense and sincere but still accessible and the band feels the urge to get back on stage again.
The expressive, unique and distinctive feel of greendive music prevails. Emotion, intensity and dynamics are the keywords that describe greendive’s music, but... still it’s different this time... better!
Please check out their MySpace-page to preview 3 (out of 5) songs we recorded.

All news updates regarding Jeremy's are outdated before sent, since news keeps coming in almost every day. (but I will try once again)
Last time I told you about MTV, 3FM and more. There's still a lot going on; the snowball seems to keep rolling and growing. Hopefully it won't scatter to pieces.
A lot of labels showed interest and among them are some very big major record company's. Besides that they are also talking with booking agency's.
And there is more: they are asked to cover a Lennon-song for Amnesty. They played live on several 3fm shows and Katelijn was interviewed in 'Arbeidsvitaminen'
That's what I call a lot of good news! Check out their MySpace-page to preview 2 songs.

Together with engineer Frits Rosingh I recorded a live show by The SHINS @ Paradiso, Amsterdam. The Shins are an indie rock group with elements of folk and alternative country on Sub Pop Records. The band's third record, Wincing the Night Away, was released on January 23, 2007. It debuted at number 2 on the Billboard 200 album chart with 118,000 copies sold in its first week. It reached #1 soon. The band played an awesome gig! They showed that not only they have some great songs, but they also are able to perform them beautifully. Thumbs up!

I will use this opportunity to answer a frequently asked question...

Q: When are The Junes starting with their debut cd?
A: Ask them! ;-)
All I can tell you is: they are preparing. Besides that; Bertolf joined Ilse de Lange her band. He is not only playing electric and acoustic guitar he also plays some dobro, lap steel, mandoline and sing a lot of harmonies.