12 November 2015

Last 13 months of work

So much stuff has happened over the last 13 months. Here's the short version:

  • Mixed an album for De Geweldigheid. Some crazy shit!! :)
  • We released a second Lorrainville album. Remember that special project? We won an Edison award earlier.
  • Mixed an album for Dennis Kolen. In my eyes Dennis is one of the best songwriters of The Netherlands. Check out this instant classic:

  • Mixed an EP for Diff. Nice Americana, with a powerfull vocal.
  • Recorded + mixed a special demo for Anneke van Giersbergen together with Iceland band Árstíðir. They perform a broad selection of momentous classical and modern works, re-conceived and re-imagined within the Árstíðir/Anneke sound-universe.
  • Mixed and mastered an EP for Magnavox Radio. With nice indie-rock-wave tunes.
  • Mixed a single for 3J's. They went to LA to shoot the video.
  • Mixed the new Bökkers album. This is the 3rd album I mix for these guys. They are very productive having 4 songwriters in the band. Again some great rock tracks!
  • Recorded drums for Fokko; these were the first recordings I made at the new GieSound studio.
  • Mixed a double-cd / triple-vinyl live box for The Gathering. Last year they celebrated their 25th anniversary with 2 special concerts where all members (past and present) participated. We recorded these shows and mixed them at GieSound for this very special release.
  • Mixed an EP for brand new band The Royal Engineers. Unique band with 4 leadsingers!
  • Mixed an album for Ulysses. If you are into progressive rock with some metal influences, you should really check out their album #eMotion
  • Mixed a Bökkers live TV-concert at RTV Oost. Watch the whole show here: part1 / part2
  • Mixed the new Fokko EP
  • Recorded, mixed and produced the brand new Nemesea album. We went for a new bandsound; less metal, more rock and more catchy songs.
  • Started the album production for The Road Home. We recorded 90% of the album right now, so the album will be mixed pretty soon. Expect some great & catchy rock songs. If you like Gaslight Anthem, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty and Alkaline Trio you will surely love The Road Home.
  • Recorded, mixed and mastered a new demo for Paceshifters. High voltage rock & roll!!
  • Started the album production for CC Grand. More news about this great americana album soon. (Calexico meets 16Horsepower meets John Mayer meets Ray LaMontagne)
  • Mixed the 'theme song' for the 'Mannenharten 2' movie. It's a unique combination of 2 Dutch artists that you won't expect :)
 And besides all of that I also moved GieSound studio from Soest to Zwolle, wrote columns for Music Maker magazine (every month), gave workshops and I was an examiner at the Herman Brood Academie for the sound guys over there.

03 May 2015


First official recordings at the new location worked out great!
Lot's of great projects coming up.
Thanks everyone for your support during the construction of our new facilities. Appreciated a lot!!

Here's the new Control Room:

And this is the big recording room:

& the relax room:

Click on a picture for a bigger version.
More pics soon!!

06 February 2015

BIG news!!

GieSound studio will move from Soest to a bigger space in Zwolle.

Other good news: the magazine 'Music Maker' announced that Guido is their new columnist: