20 November 2007

London Calling, Beirut and more!

Did a great concert recording of Beirut for VPRO 3voor12 together with (engineer & friend) Hans Bunt. I think we managed to capture this unique band and it's very personal energy. It sure is not music everybody will enjoy, but i encourage you to check out some songs on their MySpace page. The band gave a thrilling performance and we were glad that we were pressing RECORD!

Also did some sessions with singer/songwriter Bertolf Lentink. You might remember Bertolf as the frontman of The Junes. Although I have to say 'former' since The Junes split up. Bertolf still plays a lot of instruments in Ilse De Lange her band (basicly everything with strings on it, except for snare). He also writes songs for others, but this time we went into the studio to record some stuff for himself.
You can check out the 3 songs we did on his MySpace page. The first 3 songs on his profile are from the session we did. Bertolf played all instruments himself, except drums. Bauke Bakker (of Cool Genius) came in with his drumkit and did a wonderfull job. (he also did a couple of nice backing vocals)
Some pics:

Wow, and let's not forget London Calling! The second edition of 2007, and this time spreaded over 3 days! So we had to record 27 bands in 3 days!!!! If that isn't inhumane?! Well it's a hell of a job in both the good and the bad way, I tell you that.
I am not gonna write about all acts, but I will tell you my favorites:
-Reverent and the Makers
-Dragons (the press will say they are not original and they are old. But it's a great liveband and they have good songs!)
-The Dykeenies (super tight live band with an original sound)
-Video Nasties
-The Displacements (a promise! They have to grow and become much tighter than they are at the moment, but they already have the songs and performance to become really big!)
-Blood Red Shoes (young reversed White Stripes duo. Super energy)
-The Runners
also good (but not as good as last time): The Wombats

BTW: the first reviews of the debut cd from Cool Genius (wich I mixed, and did some recordings on) are in. And they are ranging from great to outstanding!