10 September 2010


I have been involved in a couple of nice projects recently!
(some of them have to remain secret for now...)

Finished working on the demo-cd for photographer Bullet-Ray his new band. Mixes turned out very nice!
They are still not sure what the new bandname will be, so I will call them BZN untill they come up with something better ;-)

Here's a video of Ray recording a guitarsolo:

Kinkobra's single has been released (finally), and was picked up instantly by radiostation 538; daily airplay!

This rockin' single is called "I'll die 4 thin"
I hope we can start recording their debut album this fall.

While in the middle of the cd-production of Colossa, we had to take a vacation-break. But as soon as all members return to earth we will continue recording vocals for their debut album.
Mixing is scheduled for early october. In the meantime you can you can visit one of their impressive livegigs and have a look at a video impression of the recordings so far:

Hopefully Patrick Le Duc's great debut album will be released soon. In the meantime Patrick came up with the idea to record a special live-session later this month. I look foreward to recording & mixing it.

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