01 July 2010

Great Polarskin review!!

Without the album being released (not yet that is), we received a very good review on the Polarskin album.
Here's a copy of the review that is in the August issue of Maverick:

Polarskin BLACK SWAN THEORY Self-released 
With no information on their myspace, or a handy booklet providing band member names, Polarskin remain an exciting mystery from the Netherlands. What If I is the opening track, full of an energetic performance, with the band playing tightly together. The lead singer holds a well controlled voice, without overpowering the music, or letting the music shadow his vocal. Hope is reminiscent of the band Keane, with the guitars strumming out mellow melodies, with the drums providing a steady beat. With all fifteen songs written by Polarskin, each one demonstrates how this group have found the right balance in making a great record. Stranger is not too far from the likes of Muse, sounding similar to the rock trio’s songs heard on mainstream radio. With the right promotion, there is no excuse as to why BLACK SWAN THEORY should not be on the shelves in music stores across Europe. Fear is a guitar anthem, sounding spotless. Stumble is a must hear with strong flavours from Muse really coming through. Even vocally, the lead vocalist shares similar attributes to Matt Bellamy. From track one through to track fifteen, the sound produced by this group is flawless, never straying from the mighty rock sound that they bring to the record. Well worth seeking out. CB

1 comment:

  1. After reading the review I could say: who stole my words???
    Stumble was my favorite until Black Swan Theory came. When You Smiled is so beautiful, powerful, sad and gentle. Every time I hear this song I have to fight against the tears inside, and when the song ends i feel empty inside, alone, like the singer. Wonderful.

    But now.... Have you got any idea what's going on with this great band that I discovered a sad two years ago. Why didn't I find these guys 10 years ago?
    Hopefully you know something about these guys?
    Thanks for producing Black Swam Theory, a diamond in my mp3 collection. I will buy the CD.... if it's for sale!!