02 November 2008

Miss Montreal, Bertolf, Duroc

Very short news-flash;
"Just a Flirt" was 3FM Megahit last week, and all big radio stations are playing it a lot. Sanne aka Miss Montreal is also interviewed on a lot of TV and radioshows and is labelled the next big thing. Remember I told you this was gonne be a hit ;-)

I am almost done mixing the Bertolf album. Just two more songs, plus a bonus-track. Also we have to record and mix a b-side for the first single. On thursday morning B will debut on Giel Beelen's morning show with a live performance of the song (with his band).

In between all of this, I also managed to work on a demo-cd with a band called Duroc. Two songs of wich, can be found on their MySpace.

More on all of this later....