25 October 2007

Nou En & international acts

I told you about the new Nou En single called "Roos" wich I mixed. It's already on the TMF playlist.
Here is the videoclip:

I received some emails asking if I did any foreign bands recently, since all news-items are about Dutch bands. Well I did... How about:
My Brightest Diamond
Parts & Labor
Jeffrey Lewis
And because of the flu, I had to cancel recording Les Savy Fav today. Unfortunately!
On my schedule: 3 days of London Calling and Beirut!

I just worked on a another project with the well known arranger Rik Elings (wich will be released all over the world). Rik made arrangements for lot's of different artists and worked for different orchestra's and big bands. He did over 300 pieces for The Metropole Orchestra.
It will be released by music-publishing company De Haske.
We also did some sessions for De Haske ("Play 'em Right - play along II") with trumpet-player/arranger Erik Veldkamp. Erik is a member of the Dutch Jazz Orchestra and the Glenn Miller Orchestra (Europe).

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