18 June 2007

Kick ass live recordings: Editors

Got to work with Editors last week. Together with Paul Schoenmakers I recorded & mixed the (secret)gig they did at Melkweg Amsterdam.
Their new album is great, and their performance was amazing. Wow these guys are tight! Last time I saw them, they were great, but this time they were even better. These guys are gonne blow away some audiences at the summer festivals for sure!
It was one of those productions were everything seems to come together easily and all went smooth just the way we like it. The fact that Derek Fudge is their Tour Manager, might have something to do with that ;-) Since I think he is one of the best tourmanagers around. I have worked with him a couple of times before (also with Coldplay) and everytime things are running smooth, and he surrounds himself with a very professional crew.
Thumbs up for Derek and his crew! I wish all crews were that good!

The Jeremy's story continues:
We recorded & mixed a Lennon-song (Love) for Amnesty. Go to their MySpace-page to check it out. Also go to www.jeremysnoise.hyves.nl and become their friend. If they gather enough friends radiostation 3FM will let them perform at the world-famous Hilton Hotel room in Amsterdam. (remember 'Bed Peace'?)
Besides that, they are about to sign with a big bookig agency, a manager and they are going to sign a record deal with a major record company real soon!
...and the snowball is still rolling and growing ;-)

Besides that I also started recording with Nou En again. Remember them? Those crazy bitches with a hit about a Gothic Girl ;-)
We are working on some new recordings, wich I hope to mix right after my vacation. If all goes well, their new single (&videoclip) will be released in september. I'll keep you posted!